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Prenatal fitness

Pregnancy is beautiful and magical, but that doesn't mean it is easy! Far from it! With each woman and each pregnancy varying in symptoms, bump size and experience it is by no means not a one size fits all when it comes to how you should train your body during this very special time.

Exercise and a healthy balanced diet has great benefits in maintaining a healthy weight gain, improve mental wellness, help keep baby growing strong and aiding in mother's having a faster birth and recovery to mention a few.


Postnatal Recovery

Now you have your little bundle of joy in your arms, it is time to enjoy every moment and take your time to soak it all in. You must wait until your 6-week postpartum check-up before engaging in any exercise, and even then, you must take precautions. Start little by little, listen to your body and no abdominal training until you have been checked for diastasis recti. Train only with qualified trainers who have the knowledge to help you with a proper recovery of all the abdominal and pelvic muscles.

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