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A Balanced diet

A well-proportioned daily amount of all food groups including adequate levels of macronutrients and micronutrients along with sufficient fluid intake.

But how easy is it to maintain this as a lifestyle so that crash dieting and following fad diets become a thing of the past?

Know the facts, learn what works for you and it is easier than you think!

"Do we really need to eat ALL food groups daily?" We hear this often in this industry as so many people are told if you want to lose weight, then lose the carbs! Really!?

What role does each of the food groups play in our bodies?

Carbohydrates: Provides energy

Protein: Repairs and build muscle

Fat: Supports cell growth

Fibre: Promotes healthy digestive system

Dairy: Excellent source of energy and protein

Water: Carries nutrients to bodily cells

Around 50% of your daily intake should be carbohydrates. They are our main source of a range of essential nutrients including fibre, calcium, iron and B vitamins. Choosing wholegrains when possible is your best option.

A third of you daily intake should be fruit and vegetables, so aiming for 5 portions a day. It is quite easy when you think about it, opt for 2 portions of veg per meal and have a couple of fruit snacks during the day to maintain blood sugar levels, sorted!

Protein is usually consumed in larger amounts than necessary in UK, the average adult should consume 1g of protein per 1kg of body weight (or 10-15% of daily intake).

What happens if a protein surplus occurs?

During digestion, protein is broken down into amino acids that are excreted as urea. Amino acids that are not removed is either used as energy if necessary or converted to fat and stored. So people consuming excess protein expecting to build muscle/lose weight may actually increase body fat rather than muscle mass.

Dairy or alternatives are a great source of protein, mineral calcium and vitamins A and B12.

Basically, consuming nutrient rich food is not as complex as it sounds if you ensure you eat appropriate portions of all the food groups throughout the day.

Body Measurements

Weight loss

Do you struggle with weight loss?

Have you tried many "diets" in the past and even though so may work to start off with, the weight creeps back on? 

Ever wonder why others find sticking to a healthy weight "easier" than you?

Are you desperate to know the trick to shredding the pounds quickly and keeping them off?

I am here to break it to you... there is no trick and it will not be quick. Not if you want to lose actual body fat and reach your optimal health anyway. So if it is a quick fix just to fit in that dress, you're in the wrong place. Here at C Shaw Wellbeing we do things properly and help people to reach goals and learn how to lead a healthy lifestyle, for life. 

First things first is deciding why you want to lose weight and maybe speaking with a trainer or healthcare practitioner about what your healthy goal weight should be according to your biometrics and what date is sensible to aim for in order to make sure you lose fat in a sustainable manner and to ensure taking care of your health is a priority.


A qualified pro will be able to work out your energy intake (how much food you should be consuming) per day and advise you on what food groups, recipes etc will work for you and your lifestyle. In addition to this they will prescribe you appropriate physical activity to give you the energy imbalance necessary in order to lose weight.

To learn what will work for you, your body, your lifestyle and goals... why not get in touch today.


The recommended healthy weight loss is 0.5 -1KG / week... if you are being told you can lose weight faster than this, it is almost certain that the "diet/challenge" is a fad that doesn't have your health and best interest at heart. These kind of trends will not make you lose fat, but water, muscle mass, and energy not to mention the catastrophic effects this will have on your organs and bodily systems.

Weight Loss Essentials

80/20 rule

Live your best life!

That doesn't mean eat and drink whatever you want, stay up all  night and smoke shisha everyday; but it also doesn't mean eat nothing but salads and fruit smoothies with kale, going to bed at 8PM and drinking only water!

It is all about balance!

If you want to be on this planet as long as possible to enjoy what life has to offer, then yes you must take care of your body.


Allow your organs to function to their best ability by fuelling your body full of goodness, giving it adequate rest and training right to maximise your cardiovascular and musculoskeletal health. However, taking care of your mental health and allowing yourself to enjoy a little of what you love, everyday is considered healthy too!

Make 80% healthy choices that bring a smile to your insides and 20% fun choices that bring a smile to your face.

Now then, if what you love for example, is having a bottle (or 2) of wine a night or a huge slice of double chocolate cake before bed everyday, then no we are not saying go ahead... but allowing yourself a glass or 2 a couple of nights a week and a smaller portion once or twice will do the trick and if it doesn't then think about what you're putting inside your body, is that what what you really want...?

Will that help you reach your goal?

Not really, so find an alternative that wont be counter-productive for your health. There are so many choices to make and YOU are in control. 

A lot of what is good for you, a little of what you love and making choices that will enable you to live a healthy life whilst reaching your goals and making memories with loved ones is what is most important.

Learning self discipline will also bring you great joy and an feeling of empowerment.

Services: Services
Vegan Bowl


Nutrition & Weight Management

5 week course

Make a real sustainable lifestyle change when you hire your own personal nutrition & weight management coach for a full 5 weeks - just £50

  • 2X 30-minute 1-2-1 sessions

  • 2X 10-minute check in sessions

  • Personal nutrition breakdown

  • Food diary analysis

  • Daily intake recommendations

  • 4X weekly plans

  • Exit plan

Sliced Avocado

Personal 1-2-1 session

Arrange a 1-2-1 session with a personal coach to set you on the right track to making lifestyle changes that will help you reach your goals.


  • 45-minute 1-2-1 session

  • Food diary analysis

  • Personal nutrition breakdown

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