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Pre to Post Natal Fitness Package

The benefits of Prenatal exercise are phenomenal with helping the body cope with the aches and pains of growing and carrying our tiny humans; calming the nervous system; maintaining a healthy weight gain; building stamina ready for labour and faster recovery after birth.

Postnatal exercise is very important but HAS to be done right to avoid lasting damage. Every body is different, with your very own expert to work around your own needs, you will reach your goals the safe and effective way.


  • 6 Pre Natal PT sessions

  • 6 Post Natal PT session

  • 2 Personal written workouts

  • Nutrition guidance

  • 6 week Recovery Plan post birth


  • 12 Pre Natal PT sessions

  • 12 Post Natal PT session

  • 6 Personal written workout

  • Nutrition guidance

  • 6 week Recovery Plan post birth

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Double the fun, half the price

It has been proven that having a good support network and team to work with, it is much more likely that goals will be reached. Bonding with friends brings us happiness, Exercise releases endorphin therefore training with friends will do wonders for the soul.

Personal Training sessions with a friend means you can enjoy spending time together and do something productive that your body will thank you for.

I have 2 Fit Friends Packages to choose from:

WAVES PACKAGE £190 (£95 each)

  • Health & Fitness Assessments

  • Nutrition guidance

  • 2 Personal written workouts EACH

  • 5 Joint PT Sessions

TSUNAMI PACKAGE £350 (£175 each)

  • Health & Fitness assessments

  • Nutrition guidance

  • 3 Personal written workouts EACH

  • 10 Joint PT Sessions

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The Wedding


Prepare for your special day with this perfect package.

Look and feel your best in time for your big day. Who better to reach your goals with than your life partner as your training partner. Start your married life off strong by learning how to exercise the fun way together as a couple.

Couples who train together, grow stronger together!

Achieve something special together by having your first dance loving choreographed to your special song. Dance your first dance over and over again for the rest of your lives with the exact same steps as you will do on the day you say "I do".


  • First Dance Choreography

  • Health & Fitness Assessments

  • 10 Couples PT sessions

  • 6 Choreography dance lessons

  • Nutrition guidance (if wanted)

Also available is COUPLES Personal Training

  • 1 sessions £40

  • 5 sessions £175

  • 10 sessions £300

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