Full body, Fat Burning Fitness class to gain strength, definition and flexibility

Moderate Intensity workout to get the heart rate going just enough to be in the Fat burning zone whilst firing up those muscles from every angle to create lean, muscle tone whilst building strength and increasing flexibility. 

£6 per class

£25 Block of 5 classes



Full body workout including a wide variety of dance genres to suit all tastes. Dance Fitness at it's best!

Moderate intensity exercise class to increase CV fitness, use muscles that may be underworked in daily living, forget about everything and lose yourself in the music. Dance like nobody is watching and get fit at the same time with friends. Includes a calming ballet inspired cool down section to end the class to increase core strength and flexibility.

£6 per class

£25 Block of 5 classes



Water-based fitness class for all levels in local pools

Exercise in the water provides a lot of benefits to our bodies. The water adds protection for our joints whilst adding an element of resistance to help improve muscular strength and endurance. Our classes are fun and allow participants to forget the outside world and simply focus of them and the present moment. 

Coming soon!



Mum & Baby Post Natal Fitness class

Safe postpartum recovery and bonding with baby

Postnatal recovery is something that great care is necessary to ensure correct approach is taken in order for the Mother's body to heal properly.

Return to Fitness with a qualified Post Natal Fitness specialist whilst bonding with your little one(s) and making friends.

£6 per class

£25 Block of 5 classes



Physical activity class for children of all ages. Learn to move like a dancer and increase fitness levels.

A class for children of all ages to learn about how we can get fit through dance. Children will gain an understanding of how important it is to take care of their bodies whilst gaining skills of a dancer including, the art of dedication of focus; memory; kinetic memory; team-playing whilst building confidence and gaining new experiences when they perform to peers and family. 

£5 per class

£20 Block of 5 classes



Couples working together in a 45 minute class where they enjoy quality time together whilst getting fit and strong.

Couples who train together, grow stronger together!

Enjoying time together doing something other than sat on the sofa watching TV is time well spent

Participants work at their own pace with their own personal goals in mind whilst being supported by their partner throughout the session.

£8 per couple per class

£30 Block of 5 classes



Full body High Intensity Interval Training for all levels

High Intensity Interval Training for building stamina, cardiovascular fitness, muscle strength and endurance. Reach new goals without limits when you learn to apply yourself using your own power, passion and motivation.

£6 per class

£25 Block of 5 classes



Full body conditioning class. Connecting body and mind.

Pilates is a physical fitness system developed in the early 20th century by Joseph Pilates, after whom it was named. Pilates called his method "Contrology". Designed to physical strength, flexibility and posture, along with enhancing mental awareness.

Coming soon!



Rehabilitation courses for patients who have suffered from COVID and continue to experience Long-COVID symptoms

Rehabilitation is a process in which patients are taken through carefully designed programs that are delivered by specialists with the aim of helping individuals return to optimal health and independent living.

Coming soon!


Rossall School beach


Sabai Leela dance studio, Cleveleys