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Our COVID Rehabilitation program aims to reduce the impacts of the physical and mental implications of the virus, helping patients return to 'normal life' or as close to.

Covid 19

Impacts of COVID

The COVID-19 pandemic has affected every single person on the planet to some extent.

Not only the lives and physical health of those whose who contracted the virus but the mental health of the world as a society due to lockdown, financial worries, anxiety to leave the house, concerns for family and friends... it goes on.

For those who have suffered from COVID-19, they may find that they still get breathless doing simple things like household chores, walking the dog, going up the stairs.

It is not uncommon to see this longer lasting breathlessness symptom known as 'long-COVID' where effects can last weeks or months. This could be due to inactivity; lower Oxygen levels during inactivity/exertion; potential lung fibrosis, increased levels of anxiety leading to hyperventilation.

As an Exercise Referral Specialist with the CIMPSPA accredited COVID-19 Rehabilitation award, I am determined to help as many people as I can recover. 


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Steps to recovery

Rehabilitation is a complex intervention and refers to the long-term approach that focuses on minimising the disabling effect of an individual's impairments.

COVID-19 Rehabilitation aims to reduce the impacts of breathlessness across the states of the downward spiral of physical activity and functional decline and to help recovering patients return to normal life or as close to it as possible.

Listening to your body and not trying to 'over-do' it will go a long way but if you take it too literally, it could have the reverse effect you're hoping for and slow down your recover. 

Good nutrition, keeping hydrated (with water) and keeping physically active at the right pace will go a long way for you.

There will be COVID-19 Rehab classes around the country (get in touch to find classes along the Fylde coast of North West England) or you could hire a qualified PT who can liaise with your GP in creating the best recovery program for you.

Your road to recovery begins here.


Whatever stage of COVID recovery you're at, C Shaw Wellbeing can offer expert advice on the safest way to get you back to optimal health and more independent living.

Through training, nutrition and lifestyle guidance, you WILL get through this!

Join a local GROUP class and get the much needed social benefits that come with it or hire a qualified Exercise Referral / COVID-rehabiliation trainer to work with you on a 1-2-1 basis.


Get in touch today.

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